For Grade 9-10

Psychometric Tests

Psychometric Tests

The right approach to choose your career path is the one which strikes a correct balance between a person’s interests, aptitude and personality. Many people are not aware that choosing the right subjects, courses, careers or jobs is a SCIENTIFIC PROCESS that can be arrived at by using certain scientific tools like psychometric tests and one-to -one counseling sessions to map a person’s personal and professional profile. Going through a psychological based career assessment and guidance helps you to take a logical decision and find what profession suits you the best.

Psychometric tests are psychological tools which are used by organisations or institutions to evaluate an individual’s suitability for their role and responsibilities. These tests are structured to gauge an individual’s abilities, mental strength and aptitude toward the job they are offered. These tools help to test a person’s characteristics so that they can be matched with right profile and thereby bringing their true potential. There are different types of behaviour patterns people exhibit, like introverts and extroverts, Type A –Type B personality, Internal Locus of control – external ;locus of control and etc. Hence, the use of these tests is beneficial for the people charting their career growth.

We have a range of Psychometric Tests for our class 9th and 10th students which include
Multiple Intelligence Tests: The Multiple Intelligence Test will help you to:

  • Match your Intelligence in things like : Artistic Intelligence, Numeric Intelligence, Musical Intelligence etc. to a number of occupations that you can start thinking about.
  • Give you a personality title and list a variety of occupations that fit your personality and Intelligence type.
  • The test also includes what your study styles and learning styles are to help you plan your studies.

The basic purpose of this test is to identify the right personality type, traits to help understand their career choices, professional interests, work styles, leadership patterns, and behavioural styles, etc.

Stream Selector Tests. : The Stream Suggestor helps you in uncovering:
Mapping of your career includes-

  • Study of traits
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Subject preference
  • Suitable stream or major
  • Behavioral and Personality traits
  • Study habits, career interests and patterns of learning
  • Areas of strengths and weaknesses
  • Preferences for certain subjects and careers

While this test helps you to choose the appropriate subjects which go a long way in choosing the right career path. The team of experts will help you setting a career map and thereby charting a successful career. It will also help to aim for the universities you wish to opt for and thereby the profession you wish to choose.
After the evaluation of the various tests, we will help the student understand the right career option for them based on their personality and interests.