For Grade 11-12

Personal Counselling

Personal Counselling

A guided mentoring is a must for students who are at the edge of choosing their career options. Such a mentoring should strike a balance between personality traits and the passion included. Hence, a well - designed tool is required to assess such balance which can only be provided by the trained professionals like us.

The areas covered under Counselling are as follows:

  • Understanding students concern
  • Conduction of psychometric test for understanding of personality traits
  • Detailed counselling for selection of the suitable course.
  • Filing and submission of applications in suitable colleges of India
  • Maintenance of deadline for different Entrance Examinations
  • Cover Page/SOP/ESSAY Creation for Universities
  • Filing of application according to the cut off scores
  • Assistance in admission through Sports and ECA Criteria

This test focuses on your personality type and combines your traits to reach your professional interests, work-styles, character, learning and behavioral patterns etc.

Such scientifically designed tests focus on different behavioural patterns and help an individual decide the ideal career choice .There are more aspects to such tests which includes :

  • Suggestions related to choice of beneficial Education Plan.
  • A written guide on Careers and Entrance examinations in India
  • Preparing for Interviews and GDs for various Colleges and Universities and providing assistance in finding accommodation/PG/Campus Tours
  • Connecting to Alumni of Top Indian Colleges
  • Creation of a credential Profile for recruitment and assistance in internships.
  • Providing guidance in various online courses.